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What makes it Ceremonial?  It is the level of quality of the cacao, the highest you can get. It is also minimally processed and in its most purest form to be used as a ceremonial drink.

This magical cacao in particular, comes from Mayan elders in Guatemala, who process it with love, prayer and ceremonially in the traditional way according to their lineage.  It is done over a fire and as a family.  These cacao beans come from the criollo trees which are the best quality cacao you can possibly get.

Cacao has so much history in the Mayan lineage, used as a celebratory drink and is used to help honor their main ceremonial honoring- the fire.  It is seen as sacred and therefore must be treated as such.  Honor this medicine as a gift from the earth, connect to the spirit and ask for healing, guidance, clarity, whatever it is you need, spend time with this spirit and see it as a potent teacher.  

To make a drink, add 1/2 ounce to a cup of hot water or 2 ounces to a cup for a ceremonial dose.  Spend time relishing in the tantalizing scent, feel the warmth between your palms, allow your heart to open and call upon the spirit to join you in your meditation with your cacao.  Embrace the teachings and be open to the magic.

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